Sex & Intimacy

Tom van Huijstee is an experienced, 12 years, breath healer with 6 years of training in healing tao (Transformation of Sexual Energy).


Tom feels that using the breath and healing emotions from imprints of trauma together with conscious intimacy, liberates and brings people into deeper physical and emotional connection with themselves their heart and thus with the other and life in general.


This gives a liberation to more unconditional love and commitment. A freedom to a deeper intimacy, joy and sexual expression without the loosing and honouring of healthy boundaries.

As a result, the boundaries are needed less if there is a feeling of safety with life, yourself and/or your partner.


Together we will truthfully investigate the stories and feelings which block us from deeper intimacy and if the boundaries there are still necessary.


Tom believes it's time that relationships become a portal for creative loving energy where men and women as couples or singles find and deepen in the magic of being with yourself or together.


To explore this, book a session for yourself or with your partner.

Tom is looking forward to embrace this journey with you ❤️

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