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Breathing Sessions


Our experiences and traumas of the past are linked to the way we breathe. This can be expressed in fears, restlessness, lack of self confidence, physical pain, uncontrolled or controlled angers, adhd, drug abuse, etc etc. These physical and emotional luggage holds back our natural power to just be, and to breathe and live fully!


By opening the breath in breathing sessions, we surrender more and more to ourselves and the Now. Unprocessed traumas and emotions from our past, fears off the future or uncontrollable life situations (like death, illness, divorce) are embreathed, processed and released to make way for acceptence, peace and confidence.


This is felt as a physical space and peace in body and mind. From this growing natural state, your life path will evolve, feeling more and more connected and rooted with the moment, with who you are, and what you really love to do in life. Just breathe and the rest will follow!


Breath of life creates a relaxed and safe space, that supports you in following the steps to wholeness and well-being, fully in the present. A session consists of an intake of coaching, defining the intention, the breath session itself and time to relax. All together 90 minutes.


If you are interested in breathwork, you have several options:


​Breathing Intensive Day
Group sessions, two in a row, on a Saturday afternoons and/or Thursdays evenings. Read more...


​Individual Breathing Sessions
At your place or in my breathing studio.

Parent & Child Session

Breathing with parents and kids.


Ibiza Breath Intensive Week
A healing holiday on Ibiza. 10 sessions in one week. Read more...

Breath session: when and how

Breath session (warming up) group