90 min /  €95


One Individual session

Commitment Package (Three Individual sessions)


One Partner/Child/Friend Couple session


Amsterdam Weekly Small Group Sessions 

(Thursday evenings & Sunday Afternoons)

Make Your Own Group on Location 


WorldWide Online Individual Session

Commitment Package (Three Individual Online Sessions)


Breathing Sessions

270 min /  €250

90 min /  €150

180 min /  €50 (per person)

180 min /  €85 

(per person)

Breath of Life creates a relaxed and safe space, that supports you to reach a natural state that feels more connected and rooted in the moment, with who you are, and what you really love to do in life.

the deeper you breathe the fuller you live!

A session consists of an intake that begins with coaching, defining an intention, the breath session itself and time to relax/integrate. All together 90 minutes per one session for both individual, couple and group sessions

Breathwork is currently one of the most natural and most effective self-healing systems on earth. 90% of humanity uses only 30% percent of his breathing capacity.

Most people get far too little oxygen, which can cause fatigue, diseases and stress. If you're anxious, you hold your breath. Holding your breath takes a lot of vital energy. Your feelings are shut down and emotions suppressed. Your breath is a good indicator of the blockages in your body.

In a breathing session closed areas are opened. This way you get the chance to let go of the unresolved emotions from the past and the worries for the future. For peace here and now.

Breathwork is for all people who want to approach love and life in the most simple and direct way

*This is felt as a peaceful physical space in the body and mind.

*Less and less need to control reality, 

*More peace and wellbeing in the present moment.

*Feeling you can tackle your fears and stress by yourself.

*More expression of your natural being.

Come to make contact with your OWN natural medicine!

for children and adults.

everybody breathes!



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90 min /  €95

270 min /  €250

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