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Breath Coach Training

After you have been doing minimum 15 breathing sessions yourself, you may have the strong feeling to become a coach too!

For people whom feel it's their path, Tom created an intensive 3 step course, where you work deeper with yourself and the breathe to facilitate and support others to breathe naturally and free. 

Toms vision and aim is to make breath work as simple as breath can be. A normal tool meant for everybody to work with. Follow the breath and the rest will follow!

What do you learn in this playful but intensive course


  • You wil breathe more yourself so you will feel and experience the opening and deepening of your natural breath.

  • You will learn how to build up a session: what to do to support the natural process.

  • You will learn trigger points, toning and other things to open up the body.

  • Now-coaching, learn to work, coach, from the here and now.

  • Start to work and trust!

The first training week

Here you will you learn and get trained to facilitate at the healing breath intensive 5 days.


You can stay in the finca during the entire course.

These Breath Coach Trainings take place from

08 - 19 June 2020

10 - 21 October 2020


Note these are separate trainings so not together! Check out dates for breathing weeks or days at breath of life levensadem Facebook. So you can get the 15 sessions before these retreats. Send me a pm for more info.



If you stay 11 days in the finca with food, the course is €2350,- ex btw, flight tickets not included.


If you have your own accommodation in Ibiza, it is €1850 ex btw, flight tickets not included.

If you can't pay it at once, separate payment is possible!

Contact me for more info.


Wish to see you work and breathe with the wind and sun and the fresh Ibiza air!

Love Tom