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In early 2000 I began to study the influence of the mind on our wellbeing and our environment. Where does the mind come from? What influences do thoughts have on our body?

I came to realize that all thinking and the emotional luggage that comes with it, is formed by past experiences. That emotional luggage affects and distorts the present. Because of this profound insight I decided to take responsibility for the choices in my life.


It was a not always easy but a hopeful way of getting rid of my own luggage. It began with meditation. This was followed in 2002 by Healing Tao (transformation of sexual energy), cosmic healing, chi gung and bone marrow chi gung. Since May 2007 is started Transformational Breathing. In the power of the connected breathe, my experience of recent years came together. I found the tool to connect the body and mind and came to a deeper well-being and inner peace.


As a result, I got the opportunity to support others by coaching them to a deeper contact with themselves, with more joy, space, love and power.

About Tom van Huijstee