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Transform Your Breath, Transform Your Life
Come Make Contact With Your Natural
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The way you breathe is the way you live

In early 2000 I began to study the influence and linkages between the mind and our emotional body.


My journey began with meditation. Followed in 2002 by Healing Tao (transformation of sexual energy), cosmic healing, Qigong (bone marrow Qigong).

In May 2007, after a deep crisis which pushed me in the direction of my soul purpose. I started with Transformational Breathing -connected breathe. I found the tool to connect the body and mind for a deeper well-being and inner peace.


As a result, I got the opportunity to support others by coaching them to make deeper contact with themselves to find joy, health, love, inner peace and power inside.

To live a deeper meaningful life in contact with your soul purpose.

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