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The way you breathe is the way you live


Welcome to the website of Breath of Life (Levensadem). This is the breathwork practice of Tom van Huijstee. 


Breathwork is currently one of the most natural and most effective self-healing systems on earth. 90% of humanity uses only 30% percent of his breathing capacity.
Most people get far too little oxygen, which can cause fatigue, diseases and stress. If you're anxious, you hold your breath. Holding your breath takes a lot of vital energy. Your feelings are shut down and emotions suppressed. Your breath is a good indicator of the blockages in your body.

In a breathing session closed areas are opened. This way you get the chance to let go of the unresolved emotions from the past and the worries for the future. For peace here and now.
Breathwork is for all people who want to approach love and life in the most simple and direct way.


Tom is currently working with groups and individuals in the Netherlands and in Ibiza.

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Group session (Dutch)

Healing breath session for daily life situations (Dutch)